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By Dr. Sarah Hussein

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ADC Part 2 Exam Expert Assistance

Australian Dental Council part 2 exam

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ADC Part 2 Exam Expert Assistance by Dr. Sarah Hussein

which includes both clinical and technical aspects
for the practical ADC exam.

01. PDF files that include all the scenario cases
02. Video lectures
03. Technical Osces demos
04. Online/Onsite technicals
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Unlimited OSCE Explanations & Role Plays Access

Discover Unlimited OSCE Success! Gain access to detailed OSCE explanations and engaging role plays. Boost your clinical skills, ace your exams, and advance your healthcare career. Join us today to unlock your full potential!

In-Depth Explanations

Our meticulously crafted explanations break down complex OSCE scenarios, ensuring you grasp every concept and technique with ease.

Realistic Role Plays

Step into the shoes of a healthcare professional with our immersive role plays. Practice and perfect your clinical skills in a risk-free environment.

Unparalleled Confidence

Our comprehensive resources empower you to approach OSCEs with confidence, knowing you've honed your skills to perfection.

Career Advancement

Elevate your healthcare career with superior clinical skills that will impress employers and open doors to exciting opportunities.
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Technical Tasks Mastery

Choose from our technical tasks course, single sessions, or personalized courses, available both on-site and online.

Demos Library

Access a treasure trove of technical tasks demos to sharpen your skills, online or on-site.

Assessment Excellence

Prepare with precision through our technical tasks assessments, conducted both on-site and online.

Skilled OSCEs Demos

Gain confidence with our expertly crafted OSCEs demos, available both on-site and online.

Comprehensive ADC Resources

Get access to ADC OSCE scripts and detailed notes, enhancing your readiness for the exam, online or on-site.

Effective Communication Training

Ace the communication OSCEs with our specialized course, offered both on-site and online.

Focused Role-Playing Sessions

Boost your skills with convenient 1-hour OSCE role-playing sessions, available on-site and online.

Mock Tests

Sharpen your performance with our realistic mock tests for OSCEs, conducted on-site and online.
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Explore our diverse range of ADC Part 2 preparation options designed to suit your unique needs. From comprehensive clinical materials to technical training videos, OSCE-focused packages, and hands-on task demos, our services are tailored to elevate your skills and boost your confidence for this critical examination. Choose the options that align with your goals and embark on your path to ADC Part 2 success with us.

Thank you thank you so much Sarah. With out I couldn’t have achieved this.

I wasn’t confident at all in my communication osce until I met you a month before my exam. Few one and one sessions and your notes made me ready for the exam so well. Highly recommend. Thank you again for your mentorship and support. Indebted to you

Swathi Peeta


Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the booklet. Very well summarised with all the required precise information. Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. You are such a good person and tutor. Wish you all the best from the deepest of my heart.



I highly recommend one on one sessions with Dr Sarah.

I could only do 4 Osce communication mock sessions with her just before my exam but it was very helpful.

Sneha Flora Prasad